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In training our goal is to have the dog acquire behaviors they can reliably display in response to a cue, for example, a “sit” cue followed by the dog sitting. 

At Dog-Ed we do not use equipment designed to punish the dog, such as e-collars, choke chains or pinch collars. Instead, we use positive reinforcement to increase the occurrence of behaviors we want.

Positive reinforcement requires that we present the dog with something they want immediately after they exhibit the behavior we want - the dog sits, we provide a piece of food. Training should be enjoyable both for the learner and the teacher. Using positive reinforcement allows us to enjoy teaching our dogs and builds a solid relationship with our pets.

How well a dog becomes trained to exhibit behaviors on cue depends on consistency, quality of reinforcement, and quality & quantity of experience (practice!).

Dog-Ed provides training sessions as a single session for a single fee. This fee is due at the end of the session. 

If the Client & Dog-Ed determine that a package of training sessions would be beneficial, then this single training session can be converted into the first of a package of four (4) sessions. 

Dog-Ed provides a training package of four (4) sessions at a reduced per session rate. The fee for this package is due at the end of the first session.

All training sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes. However, how long a dog can work varies depending on the dog. We will not push a training session past the ability of the dog to continue to be receptive and motivated. Above all, we want you and your dog to enjoy training and to work together as a team.

Please note: On rare occasions, it becomes apparent when on-site that training sessions are not appropriate nor possible due to anxiety or fear causing intense distress or aggressive behavior on the part of the dog. 

In these circumstances Dog-Ed may advise modifying the engagement from a training session to a behavioral consultation package. If the client declines to proceed with such a modification, the fee for a single training session will be due at the time of the visit.

What can to expect from a training engagement?: FAQ
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